About Us

Who Is She?!

Erica is the CEO of Forever Young! She Graduated from Kansas State University getting her degree in Electronic Journalism with a concentration in Apparel Textiles. In addition, she played college basketball for 4 years. She is now playing professional basketball in France. Erica created Forever Young in 2013. Her mission is to help people who are in need of help. Her starting point is in Tampa Florida where she was born and raised. Each year on Christmas Eve, Erica and her team feeds the homeless, visit nursing homes and gives back to Potter Elementary.  Erica has also self published two books : Tear Volume & Little Black Child. For more info on that please visit Amazon.

In 2017, Erica won the SCBS Audio competition submitted by her professor Tom Hallaq at Kansas State University. ***Link above

              2017 Graduate

Erica graduated from Kansas State University on May 13th 2017 in Manhattan Kansas getting her degree in Electronic Journalism & Apparel Textiles.


                 D1 Athlete

Erica Played college basketball at Kansas State University on a full ride & completed her degree in 4 years. This is a picture of the senior class. #12: Kelly #2 Erica #22 Bri #0 Jess #24 Kindred


              First Book

Erica published her very first book on her graduation. Its a book about her life and some advice to the world. Great read for the younger generation. Available on Amazon.